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Protectron sells, leases, installs, monitors and maintains alarm systems for residential and commercial subscribers and provides third-party monitoring services for smaller alarm installers. Protectron markets its alarm systems through a corporate sales force and a network of authorized agents and dealers. The company operates monitoring stations in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. Protectron is the third largest security alarm company in Canada and the leading such firm in Quebec. In May 2001, Wellspring sponsored a management-led buyout of the company from Quebecor Media Inc, to participate in the organic growth of the industry and to boost its own profitability. As a small division of a multi-billion dollar parent, Protectron was constrained from expanding beyond its home region and offering other monitoring services. Since becoming independent, the company’s management became free to pursue new avenues of growth. The company also had the opportunity to purchase several competing alarm companies at reasonable prices. Protectron possessed a strong integration track record, having consolidated 60 companies and 19,000 subscribers into the company’s existing three call centers over the prior four years.