Wellspring is one of the top performers in middle-market private equity.

CAPITAL Wellspring's performance has enabled it to expand its capital base with each successive fund. Since the launch of its initial program in 1995, Wellspring’s fund size has grown by over 14 times.

Reliability Wellspring is a trusted, reliable partner. The partners have deep and varied operating experience and have confronted many unique business issues. Wellspring has a successful track record and has completed many deals over a wide range of industries, which gives it a unique perspective to offer value-added expertise and guidance.

Partnership Wellspring partners with highly qualified and motivated senior management teams, actively working together to unlock a company’s potential by providing ongoing financial, strategic and operational support. This collaboration enables Wellspring to better understand the company, industry and market dynamics.

Performance Wellspring is a middle-market private equity firm with one of the best performance track records in middle-market private equity.